Menzolit has developed a comprehensive range of MenzoRail SMC grades suitable for the new European Standard EN45545.
The fully certified range of materials includes low shrink, fully pigmentable SMC for the HL2 category as well as low profile, non-pigmentable grades for both HL2 & HL3 categories.
These materials are certified at a broad range of thicknesses and cover a variety of R classes.
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Granollers 12.09.2016 – New to the team in Menzolit Vitroplast, since August 2016, is Oscar Baró.

Oscar studied Mechanical Engineering and has a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia and INSA Lyon University in France.

Over the last year’s Oscar has been working as a Project Manager developing new products based on rubber coated fabrics.


Freising, 06.09.2016At the VDI Conference in Mannheim earlier this year, Aliancys, Daimler and Menzolit together gave a presentation about their successful improvement of SMC Technology for use in top-range Mercedes passenger cars.

Through a very open collaboration and by sharing detailed process information, the companies were able to minimize production waste and improve quality consistency in a major way. This made it possible to realize a new segment of large Premium Class 1 components (like the deck lid of the Mercedes SL Roadster), and make SMC the technology of choice for many new car series to come.

Please click here for reading the menzolit press release.

Please click here for reading jointly published article of the collaboration.

(Picture SL Roadster Copyright Daimler AG)

Granollers 02.02.2016 – Menzolit Vitroplast has been awarded for the second time with “Silver Recognition” by EcoVadis for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programme. Menzolit scored well in all four areas that EcoVadis evaluated, including Environment, Social in working conditions, Ethics in Fair Business Practices, and Sustainable Procurement.

Silver Recognition places Menzolit Vitroplast in the top organisations that EcoVadis has evaluated for CSR compliance and recognizes Menzolit for its proactive CSR activities.

Menzolit Vitroplast will continue to commit time and resources toward reinforce the position as a responsible supplier because CSR is one of the top priorities for the company.

Granollers 25.01.2016 – New to the team in Granollers, since December 2015, is

Joel Oliveras.

Joel has joined as a Production Manager. He is Chemist with a Master Degree in operations management and supply chain from EADA Business School and superior technician in prevention of labor risks. Joel has worked in the coatings business and has a deep experience on resins, fillers, mixings and team management.